HKC – Kettlebell Instructor Course

When it comes to kettlebell training and kettlebell instructors the number one training group in the world is Dragon Door. That was never more evident in this country than last weekend.

With a group of thirteen personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts the headquarters at Dragon Door Australia was filled with hours and hours of kettlebell training detail. With a few having attended previous kettlebell instructor workshops the proof was there that when people want the best kettlebell course available they’ll always come to Dragon Door.

HKC Melbourne, Feb 2012

Originally the RKC (Russian Kettlebell Challenge) was started in 2001. Now, eleven years later it has changed into the world’s leading and most highly regarded kettlebell instructor certification. But the RKC is three days and requires full commitment to pass. Recognizing that there needed to be a preliminary step before the RKC the Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification (HKC) was born.

In Australia we’ve run seven HKCs with each better than the one before in terms of standard. This is not to belittle earlier students but now with more and more authentic and highly Dragon Door instructors around to help teach the students are turning up better prepared and with better technique.

And for customers that’s a good thing.

With the benefits of kettlebell training becoming more and more commonly known they are starting to spread into mainstream fitness gyms and not just forward thinking PT studios. Fitness First, Virgin Active, Genesis – they all have them. Yet what they are missing is quality kettlebell instructors to teach tier clients safe and effective use of these centuries old implements.

RKCII Shannon Scullin demonstrates the Get Up.

This past weekend we had a strong, capable group of candidates who all turned up in shape. The standard set at Dragon Door kettlebell certifications is very high – odds are that thirty percent of all attendees will fail, regardless of which country that certification is held in. With thirteen attendees we had eleven pass on the day and a twelfth pass the next day during our advanced workshops.

This, to me, is one of the strengths of the Dragon Door system. While our standards are tough, we allow time to work on weaknesses and fix any problems. The result is an instructor who fully understands the exercises as well as how to fix and correct them, as they will have had to gain better understanding themselves to pass. What is the point in passing someone on the day who really doesn’t meet the standard? They will walk out the door and never work to improve, thinking they’ve already mastered the movements. And as a client, wouldn’t you rather have a trainer who has REAL knowledge of an exercise and understands how to correct it instead of someone who did it once for a few minutes?

Goblet Squat instruction, Andrew Read and Shaun Cairns

The HKC days are long – we start at 8.30am with sign in and strength testing and are already well into the first teaching portion of the day by 9am. With many members of the RKC having military or martial arts backgrounds things run like clockwork. However, with those kinds of backgrounds people should also expect that our events aren’t all hugs and hand holding. WE set high expectations and anyone wanting to join our group can either choose to meet them or walk away, no hard feelings.

I could tell within the first thirty minutes on Saturday that this group was one that was determined to meet our expectations. With two Crossfitters, a couple of strength coaches (who had also attended previous certifications but realised they needed better coaching), one of Australia’s best power lifters and even two of Dragon Door Australia’s own clients, this group was stacked with potential.

Senior RKC Shaun Cairns has traveled all the way from South Africa five times now to be the man running these events. It’s been a great pleasure to watch him gain skill as a presenter since the first one we held in Melbourne two years ago. He’s always a crowd favorite and his easy going, thoughtful manner puts people at ease – after all, the RKC is the group that warms up for instructor events with 100 snatches in 5 minutes.

The day wouldn’t have been complete without assistance from Australia’s highest ranked RKC – Shannon Scullin RKCII/ CK FMS and Sam Johnson RKC. Both gave up their free time to come help this next batch of instructors learn as much as possible over the day and correct technique so that people could pass the testing at the end of the day.

At the end of the day the question is always the same – what is the next step in kettlebell training? The answer is always the same – the RKC!!

Anyone who thought the HKC was good fun should immediately go and book the RKC. The RKC is:

  • Three times longer than the HKC, which means three times the fun.
  • Double bells, which is double the fun.

In other words, because the RKC is three times longer and twice the bells it’s SIX TIMES BETTER!!

Don’t be silly and miss out – book the RKC now. SIX TIMES the fun and coming down under in November of 2012.

About Andrew Read

Andrew Read is head of Dragon Door Australia the nation's leading site for kettlebell and functional movement training. His personal training business in Bayside Melbourne ( is the place to go to get real functional strength and fitness training.
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